The Top 3 Traits That Women Are Looking For In A Man

For all the ladies who are single and ready to mingle, we know that we don’t simply date a guy just because there is an opportunity to date someone. There are some traits that we look for in a guy that we are considering. Men also wonder what we are looking for because they want to be there to impress. Check out the top traits that women are looking for in a man.

  1. Faithfulness

Alright, guys. We all know that the saying that men are naturally polygamous but if you are trying to impress a girl, telling all sorts of stories on how many women cried over you won’t help. Women want a guy who is faithful. Women are jealous in nature. It doesn’t matter if they deny it because nobody wants to have a competition over their man.

  1. Dependability

A woman wants someone who they can depend on. There is no need to panic guys. It is not all about the materials things that you can provide. The ladies want a man who can say something and back it up. If you commit to a date a cowboy, make sure that you will be there on time.

  1. Kindness

It is the trait which may vary from a woman’s perspective. Some girls can’t help but fall for a guy with a bad boy attitude but as a woman becomes mature their taste in men change. Mature women will opt for people who have a kind attitude towards the others. It is because they would see how well you can treat them too.

If you are a man with all these characteristics, there is no doubt that women will fall for you head over heels. If you want to dazzle a lady, the material things are not all that matters. The personality you have is what will give you an edge.