The 3 Essential Questions You Need To Ask On A First Date

We know how tough first dates are. There are a lot of things that we will think about, and then there is this dreaded awkward silence that we are afraid to happen. It is because we don’t know what to expect. Just relax and go with the flow. Here is a little help that can get you through a first date successfully. Check out the essential questions that you can ask to your date. It is not just for conversation purposes but most of all you will be able to get a preview of what kind of woman or man you are dating.

  1. What are your plans for the future?

It is a question that you can ask without invading too much on his or her personal life. You also don’t want to impose, but through this question, you will have a glimpse of the kind of life he wants to lead.

  1. What is your unforgettable memory?

It is a question that you can ask to avoid the silence between the two of you. It is a vague question, but your date will be able to share some things about their lives. You will also know their interests without being too straightforward in asking them directly.

  1. What’s on your bucket list?

Through this question, you’ll be able to tell what are his goals and the things he wants to achieve. It will be easier for you tell if you have the same interests in life. It is like asking a compatibility question with your date.

The best trick of truckers dating is to show him or her, the real you. These questions should just serve as a guide, but if you are too stiff and uncomfortable asking these things, it will still be awkward between the two of you.