How to Tile a Fireplace Wall

When it comes to tiling a fireplace wall it will make the room feel so different, though the process is something which is simple to do when you know what you are doing. Upgrading the tiles in the lliving room is going to really make a nice change to the home, there are going to be a lot of different choices over the colors being available as well as the patterns. There are the old traditional patterns as well as the newer modernized ones to choose from.

The things you need for this project;

1. A Sponge

2. A Grout Float And Your Grout

3. A Tape Measure

4. A Level

5. Your Craft Paper

6. A Grinder

7. Some Drop Cloths And Old Rags

8. Some Lumber

9. Some Acrylic Additive

10. Your Wire Brush

11. A Chalk Line

12. White Vinegar

13. A Trowel And Notched Trowel

14. A Tile Saw

15. Your Thinset Mortar

16. Your Tiles And Tile Spacers

17. A Circular Saw With Diamond Blade

18. Drill With Paddle Mixer Attachment

To prepare the area, you are going to have to remove anything that is going to be in the way while you are working. Try to move everything from the room or at the other side of the room so that you can put down your old rags and cover the furniture with some drop cloths. For your floor use some craft paper to protect it and remember that your baseboards and mantle should be removed from the room also; remember that a wire brush and grinder can remove anything that could stop the mortar from attaching.

Take your circular saw that should have a diamond blade and remove the lip of your fireplace stoop, take a rag which should be clean and clean away all soot from your bricks with some white vinegar.

If the baseboards or your mantle has been damaged then repair it and stain it now also; you could paint or stain this if you so wish.Now you can go onto taking your drill and add a paddle to it, then take your acrylic additice and your thin set mortar and add all of these items together and mix with the paddle of the drill. This should be done for only ten minutes before you see that the mix comes out near to a mayo consistency; you should go ahead and start on the area just above your firebox. A standard trowel will be the best to use and make sure any bricks which may have gaps are filled in – make sure the entire fireplace has mortar over the surface. The mortar will need to dry around twenty four hours.

You have to take the tape measure and know the size of the area in which you will be putting your tiles up, that way you can find out how many tiles you will need before you start.You will need to use your lumber and create yourself a shelf that should resemble the firebox top; you will need to make sure that the shelf is level. You need to mix the mortar once more and then add that to the fireplace wall with your notched trowel and then add your shelf